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Our Mission

Graduate School of Education

equips, enables, and empowers tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s world using a globally accessible, activity-based, collaborative learning model

Unique Delivery Model

This is not like any other online class. All TEACH-NOW programs are delivered online using an activities-based, collaborative learning model.
Learning takes place BOTH synchronously and asynchronously:


Through live and interactive virtual class sessions in small groups of 10-15 candidates and instructor


Through the TEACH-NOW learning platform where you will interact with your small group or cohort on project work, discussion topics, and through peer reviews

What are people saying?

"I am completing my fourth year as a middle school math teacher which is my first year as a licensed, TEACH-NOW trained teacher. I implemented a lot of changes this year based on what I learned from TEACH-NOW...TEACH-NOW has equipped me to excel in this field. I thank you with all my heart."

George Schoolcraft, '18
United States

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Our Programs

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education currently offers the
following programs:

Latest News...

Three new Master's in Education
degree focus areas accredited

TEACH-NOW has been accredited to offer Master's in Education degrees in Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Teaching Multilingual Learners

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Our Community

The TEACH-NOW community is robust and includes active graduates, students, and professionals. We thrive through collaboration and open interaction preparing tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s learning world.

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ADDRESS: 1701 K Street NW, Suite 250
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