TEACH-NOW Testimonials

Here are just a handful of the wonderful things our candidates say about us!

TEACH-NOW was a fantastic experience for me, as it allowed me to get my teaching certificate while maintaining my full time job. Events happen in our lives and sometimes things get in the way. My instructors were great to partner with, set high expectations, but also worked with me when I was a bit late on an assignment or more serious life events happened. Overall, it was quite rewarding.

Jeff Adair
2018, United States

I have experienced first-hand the innovative preparation techniques that the program uses to prepare teachers for today’s classroom. I especially like the technology component of the program, which transformed the way I teach in my classroom. I believe in the principle of teaching students to be able to succeed in the 21st century, and TEACH-NOW recognizes this shift and is preparing teachers to implement these strategies in their classrooms. I also greatly benefited from the feedback and collaborative nature of the program.

Ophelia Idemudia
2018, United States

Education has transformed my life; I was the first person in my family to attend university. I was fortunate enough to complete my course of study with TEACH-NOW in 2016. Earning my teaching credential was a game changer for me and has led to my pursuing a career in international education and being able to send my children to an international school. I am a fervent believer in the emancipatory potential of education.

Malachi Broome
2016, Japan

While professionally online teaching is not new to me, TEACH-NOW revived my passion for teaching. I have been instructing English Composition for a community college since 2011. The video and audio recordings of my instruction left me no room to hide and that is what I needed in order to evaluate myself honestly. Too few people have bothered to look at my lessons objectively in the past and with this much frequency.

Emil Niculescu
2019, United States

I am so appreciative of this program. I felt it a God-send. I am a huge advocate of this program and will send others to this program in the future. I can't thank you enough. I'm happy to complete the program but am saddened I won't be daily engaged with you all. Thank you!

Scott Armstrong
2018, United States

I I have taken a look through the entirety of the platform and I have to agree. It is a beautifully designed framework and extremely easy to navigate and to see the layout of the curriculum. I have a clear idea what is happening in the near future (and I am excited for it!). It definitely requires a significant level of engagement - I have to learn by doing as it is the only way the knowledge will be retained.

Nikhil Narayanan
2019, Oman

Despite all the emotions and challenges, I am proud to say that I feel much more competent as a teacher and professional. I have learned so much, it’s unbelievable! It seemed that I had been living under a rock. The use of technology as an actual teaching and learning tool is a significant change for me. I got into a debate with my director suggesting a digital platform for our school, and I felt confident in giving my opinion on this matter.

Margaretta Jones
2019, Suriname

I am completing my fourth year as a middle school math teacher which is my first year as a licensed, TEACH-NOW trained teacher. I implemented a lot of changes this year based on what I learned from TEACH-NOW . I received the Teacher of the Year Award from my fellow middle/high school teachers here at Central Fellowship Christian Academy in Macon, Georgia. TEACH-NOW has equipped me to excel in this field. I thank you with all my heart.

George Schoolcraft
2018, United States

Since competing TEACH-NOW in 2018, I have been hired for LAUSD as a Theatre Arts teacher. I am satisfied to have had such great preparation from TEACH-NOW to fulfill my position. I was on the fence whether to obtain my credential, due to having to work full-time to pay off my dreaded student loans. TEACH-NOW made it possible for me to become certified as a teacher. I would not be where I am today without you and your faculties help.

Andrew Pedroza
2018, United States

I have just finished the last aspect of this mentorship program. I must say that the candidate, program, platform and personnel of this institute were all such a delight to work with. I would GLADLY do this again in the future. Thank you TEACH-NOW for your amazing program and for the quality with which you operate.

Menna Abdel-Latif
2019, Egypt

TEACH-NOW has always taken good care of me as a student and alum. It enabled me to be offered a position at a really great school at Utah. Everything that I learned from TEACH-NOW has helped me make a very smooth transition from the teaching environment in China to the US. I obtained 3 teaching licenses from DC in January 2019. Your team is more than excellent to have made that happen to me!

Yanyan Qiu
2018, United States

We thought TEACH-NOW would be a means to an end for us, but we've found that the information shared is relevant and current and extremely practical. I love that I create something for an assignment and then use it in my classroom the next day!

Kathleen Moore
2019, China

TEACH-NOW was absolutely instrumental and the only thing that made it possible for me to transition from teaching abroad to teaching in a public school in the US. Everything I learned through the program has been applicable, and none of my time was wasted with overly theoretical, impractical work. The instructors are highly skilled in their fields and the administration has been extremely responsive and helpful during the HR process of transferring my DC license to PA. It feels too good to be true, but I'm just grateful for Emily for helping teachers find an affordable and time-effective alternative certification route.

Rachel Lee
2018, Jordan

I took a big chance this year teaching grades that I was at first very apprehensive about, and so much of what I learned from my classes in TEACH-NOW has made this endeavor really rewarding. I'm having lots of fun putting all this new stuff into practice; my students are having a blast and are clearly learning with me; I'm getting tons of positive feedback from my peers, supervisors, and even parents. I couldn't do any of this without the various skills, techniques and tools I gained from my TEACH-NOW experience.

Brent Stewart
2019, Taiwan

I'm teaching grades 6 & 7 ELA, and to be frank, I would be drowning if I hadn't put in the work for the TEACH-NOW program. I'm so glad to say that everything we did has made me feel prepared and well-equipped for this new position. From establishing norms & procedures, forming relationships with students, utilizing tech in the class, and differentiating instruction... it's all been applicable! I'm usually not the one to drink the Kool-Aid, but TEACH-NOW's rigor really set us up with the tools to be successful.

Robbie D.
2019, China

With each Module, I got numerous opportunities of learning and experienced a very different model of learning based on research and technology. I taught Kindergarten after and I can tell that these students are performing at a higher level than the previous class. The obvious reason I see is that everything was planned for them from the beginning and I set goals for me and for them. I shared those goals with them and they self-assessed their progress. It was a wonderful learning experience with TEACH-NOW.

Aiman Khan
2019, US

The value of what I am learning at TEACH-NOW has opened doors for me in instructional coaching, curriculum design and Edtech integration that I will value for many years to come. Most of all, I am becoming the teacher I always wanted to be for my students because of TEACH-NOW!

Gina H.
2020, US